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Here is a list of helpful links about opioid dependence treatment. We hope this list helps you better understand such therapy utilizing buprenorphine/naloxone.

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 Press Release for SAMHSA federal buprenorphine summit                            

F o r   I m m e d i a t e   R e l e a s e

Charles T. Ellis, M.D. Selected for Federal Summit



September 11, 2014, Helena, Montana

Charles T. Ellis, M.D., Psychiatrist, has been selected to join the federal summit on buprenorphine, a drug addiction medicine, in Washington, D.C., from September 22-23, 2014.  The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is hosting Dr. Ellis to participate as an “expert in the field” to assist in governmental protocol for the following:

1)    Clinical Issues

  1. Establishing treatment goals;
  2. Drug interactions;
  3. Chronic pain and addiction; and

2)    Service Delivery Issues

  1. Diversion of medication, and
  2. Quality of care.

Of particular importance, specific population issues will be discussed, such as Veterans, Native American populations, pregnant/nursing/postpartum women, and criminal justice individuals.  Dr. Ellis has practiced addiction medicine for virtually 30 years and has completed a fellowship in transcultural psychiatry, working with native populations in Oklahoma, Minnesota, Alaska, and now Montana.  He has worked with all of the aforementioned populations during his entire career not only in the United States but also in Africa, Asia, and South America.  Moreover, he has practiced within the departments of corrections in Washington and Alaska and continues to work closely with law enforcement in Montana, as well.

Finally, another goal for the federal summit is education.  Specifically, this translates to assisting in informing both non physicians and physicians alike about the uses and best practices when utilizing buprenorphine.  In order to prescribe this medication, a physician must have a special license, which requires that prescriber to undergo additional classes.  Once a doctor begins seeing patients, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) will then conduct audits to ensure this federal program is being carried out within government guidelines.  Dr. Ellis has possessed this unique license since 2007 and currently has a private practice in Helena, Montana, where he not only sees psychiatry patients, but also runs an out-patient treatment program for opiate addiction utilizing buprenorphine therapy.

Charles Ellis obtained his medical degree, with a specialty in Psychiatry, from the University of Utah and currently has licenses to practice medicine in Montana, Utah, Minnesota, Alaska, and Washington.  He has worked in Montana at Warm Springs State Hospital, St. Peter’s Hospital’s Behavioral Health Unit, the Center for Mental Health, and now in private practice, which he opened in 2011.

Dr. Ellis is enthused about offering his expertise and enthusiasm in combating the existing addiction problem in our society – not only in Helena but in the state of Montana and the United States, in general.